The Invention

Michael Edwards created The You’ve Earned It! Program to generate more revenue and to extend the persistency of Insurance Company policyholder files and/or books of business.

The foundation of the You’ve Earned It! Program is recognition. All products and program offers are designed to provide policyholders with some type of reward based on their loyalty. This might be an exclusive discount, a free product provided to them at no charge, or even bonus benefits based on years of loyalty.
With each contact via the You’ve Earned It! Program, policyholders receive a message of affirmation, respect, and added value. Ultimately, whether a policyholder buys an offered product via the You’ve Earned It! Program or not, they feel better about their business relationship either way. They feel more valued, and more important.
Research has shown that these customers also persist longer and feel better about their original purchase decision in the
long run.

The Opportunity

Only 7% of Insurance Companies make any attempts to offer additional coverage, cross-sells, or add-on’s to their existing customers. However, research shows that people want to buy from businesses they already have relationships with.




said that when they are offered appropriate new products from their existing carrier – they buy.

Program Details

You’ve Earned It! is a portfolio of financial protection products that deliver high perceived value at down-to-earth prices.

Benefits Include
  • Healthcare Navigation
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Prescription Drug
  • Medical Bill Assistance
  • Disability
  • Term Life
  • Family Support Services
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